15 Seconds for CBS

I stumbled upon this yesterday in a blog i was reading (i promise i wasn’t just wandering around youtube! don’t be mad!). Apparently CBS is having a contest where you can submit a 15 second video on YouTube and one will be selected to air on CBS.

Here’s the link: http://youtube.com/group/15seconds

I guess you’re supposed to “say something” or something. This is what i made. It didn’t say anything really… so in the version i submitted i added the line “make something” to the end. i’m not uploading that version here because… well, i kind of hate it but i couldn’t think of anything better.

Don’t ask me WHY i made this. Having my movie on CBS isn’t really that exciting to me. But i did it anyway. hey, maybe i’ll win and become rich and famous and pretend i never knew any of you…

just kidding!

This little video will probably remind you of some others i’ve done. What can i say? Things are always flying out of the holes in my head…

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